Machado Black Belt

Ric Prete has over 37 years of martial arts experience and can help you learn how to defend yourself. Although 805 Machado has a strong Brazilian Jiujitsu base, Ric varies his teaching beyond sport jiujitsu and favors self-defense and realistic combative scenarios.

Ric's Training Experience

  • 27 years of Brazilian Jiujitsu training studying with Ed Keller & Joe Moriera, Bas Rutten, Mark Mireles & Jean Jaque Machado, and now with Carlos Machado. Rick is currently a 1st degree black belt.
  • 8 years of Tang Soo Do training with Tom Bloom.
  • 7 years of Thai jitsu training with Vic Van Wie has earned his black belt.
  • 3 years of Muay Thai with a record of 3-0 consisting of 2 knockouts and 1 decision with Chuck Lidell, after a knockdown and an 8 count. He has trained with Dave Krapes, Saekson Janjira, and Mr. Puck at North Hollywood Muay Thai Academy.
  • 3 years of Krav Maga training with Jeremy and Christian Medina.
  • 2 years of Shorin Ryu Karate training with Bruce Burke.
  • 9 months of Kilat training with Anthony Kleeman.